Seller Sessions Corner - February 2019

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Seller Sessions

Each month their founder Danny McMillan, shares the latest industry trends, breaking news and advice on the ups and downs of selling on Amazon.

Ranking on Amazon in 2019

The new year begins and is off to a flyer. Seller Sessions covered some of the key attributes for ranking on Amazon in 2019 to make your ecommerce business a success. The general rule of thumb is that product giveaways are still working in helping increase ranking but are a little less effective than they once were and it takes longer to nail down a page one placement.

The use of giveaways needs to have strict tactics applied to increase the effectiveness of the campaign, the number of days the campaign is run over increases the success with more than 7-21 days showing greater success. The amount of discount offered in the giveaway also has variations.

Too deeper discount can be counter productive, and neither does too little discount limits interest in your offer. The sweet spot is around the 50%-80% mark in testing. In launching a new product whether in brick and mortar or an ecommerce store, there are hundreds of moving parts at play. So if you are a brand new Seller coming to the ecommerce world for the first time, it would be best to use a launch service before running your own landing pages and working through strategies for driving traffic to convert.

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Sales tax

Elsewhere in Amazon news, if you are selling on the US marketplace then Sales Tax is a hot topic that’s sucking up column inches particularly in the US. Legislation and cases such as the Supreme Court’s ruling on Wayfair and the New York Sales Tax case ensure the topic is high on the minds of Sellers in US and Internationally.

In this podcast we get into a great debate around the fact that, as Amazon “owns” the customer (which they are at pains to ensure Sellers are aware of) then by rights they should be considered the paying party for tax purposes should they not? It’s a debate that is rumbling on and the Marketplace Legislation that many US States are now rolling out is taking this debate out into the real world and impacting Sellers the world over.

We also chat with lawyer Paul Rafelson (founder of the Online Merchants Guild) and we go beyond Sales Tax and discuss all the politics and how power and money plays a massive role impacting small businesses and the ecommerce world.

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