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New research unearths Brits’ unawareness around food allergens

A fifth of Brits believe they have a food allergy – yet one in six are unable to identify any allergens within common food groups according to our recent study.

Only 43% of those surveyed correctly identified tree nuts as an allergen in pesto, whilst just 48% knew tofu was made from soybeans and nearly a third did not know milk was the allergen in yoghurt.

However, eight in 10 agree it is important that new food legislation is introduced to protect those with severe food allergies out of home.

The new study has been commissioned by GS1 UK – the global provider of interoperable standards which cover 90% of UK retailers. The not-for-profit is leading the Feed us the Facts campaign for extra transparency from the entire food industry to protect people and businesses.

The research comes just over two months ahead of Natasha’s law coming into effect this October. The new legislation will require all food businesses to provide full ingredient lists and allergen information on foods pre-packaged for direct sale in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Yet, nearly two thirds (61%) of adults were unaware of its existence.


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