How GS1 standards power TikTok Shop UK

TikTok Shop UK is one of a growing number of platforms around the world that harness the power of GS1 standards to power eCommerce.

TikTok Shop

In 2022, TikTok shop UK, an innovative feature that enables merchants, brands and creators to showcase and sell their products in a seamless end-to end transaction experience delivered entirely on-platform, began requiring Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) for all new product pages and listings.

 TikTok Shop allows merchants and brands to promote and sell products directly on the TikTok platform

Currently available in the UK and South East Asian Markets, TikTok Shop allows merchants and brands to promote and sell products directly on the TikTok platform through in-feed videos, livestreams, and a dedicated product showcase tab.

GS1 GTINs, also known as an EANs or UPCs, are the number you see under a barcode.

They provide a common global language to uniquely identify, describe, track and easily communicate information about any product, creating greater trust in data for everyone.

By ensuring that products listed on the platform have unique identifiers, TikTok Shop has been able to improve catalogue management and help businesses increase the visibility of their products.

The use of GTINs means merchants can ensure the products they show their audience are relevant, distinguishes new products from existing ones and allows consumers to be confident that their purchases accurately match the product information in the listing that inspired them.

Iain Walker

As the only authorised provider of unique GTINs, we welcomed TikTok’s decision to incorporate their use for new product pages and listings. By joining the long line of platforms and retailers that have improved the experiences of their users with GTINs, TikTok is keeping consumers informed and protected with data they can trust, while allowing sellers to take full advantage of the vast opportunities available on the platform.”

Iain Walker

Industry engagement director at GS1 UK


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