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How to… Barcode variable measure items

gs1_uk_how_to_barcode_variable_measure_items Some products don’t have a fixed price – so they need a different barcode

A product whose price is dependent on a measurement which can constantly change can’t be identified by a standard fixed measure Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). Instead we have a standard national structure across retail, which has its own reserved prefixes. These prefixes mean that systems can be programmed to pick out the information necessary to calculate the price at a consumer level, or measurement information at a traded level.

Our guide will give you an overview into what should be identified using a variable measure barcode and how to do it, including:

  • Barcoding consumer level items – both branded and in-store
  • Barcoding traded level items 
  • Helpful points to remember
  • Print considerations for your packaging

These numbering structures are only valid in the UK as the price is encoded in sterling, however if you wish to trade outside of the UK, please contact us for advice.

How to barcode variable measure items (PDF)

License a variable measure prefix

Still confused?

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