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Sistir Coffee

Sistir Coffee

In 2014, over casual chat about coffee, two sisters came up with the idea of a ‘3am Blend’ for new parents. From this little spark, the Sistir brand was born.

Initially called Novello after the road on which one of the sister’s lived, the pair renamed their brand Sistir in 2022. This new name not only represented the brand’s origins and journey, it also allowed them to trademark it in the UK, and further afield.

Sistir is no ordinary coffee and tea brand. They offer unique gifts that can be personalised for any occasion; from Christmas, birthdays and weddings to corporate events, anniversaries and more.

With a range of 150 products to choose from, the brand is all about offering something unique. From bespoke label design to selecting your own blend, many of their products offer the option to add a personalised message to their beautifully designed tins for that extra special touch.

Giving their story the space it deserves

Giving their story the space it deserves

Sistir had a story to tell and were keen to educate their consumers on the features of their products. However, given that the design of their packaging was such a key element of their brand and proposition, space on-pack was at a premium.

To help them engage with their consumers while maintaining the sleek design of their coffee and tea tins, Sistir began working with our partners at Buyerdock to implement a solution using QR codes powered by GS1 Digital Link.

GS1 powered QR codes enable a wealth of opportunities for strengthening brand loyalty, ensuring compliance, reducing packaging costs and communicating important information in new and engaging ways. These next-generation barcodes offer a range of extensive features that help businesses meet a wide range of complex needs by instantly connecting consumers to dynamic, real-time content at the scan of a smartphone.

Connecting with consumers

Sistir positioned GS1 Digital Link powered QR codes on the reverse side of their packaging along with clear messaging to encourage scanning.

To date ,this has offered several key benefits to their business. It has prepared Sistir for retail by creating new opportunities for marketing their brand and telling consumers about their products. It has also given them the flexibility to run offers and promotions without having to alter the design of their packaging and is supporting their focus on sustainability by providing users with instant access to sustainability and recycling information.

All of this information is delivered via the Buyerdock app, allowing Sistir to maintain the size and design of their existing packaging, while also having the ability to adapt their messaging at a moment’s notice without any additional packaging costs or disruption to the brand.

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