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Parla Deli

Parla Deli

How GS1 Brazil and Parla Deli reduced food waste, improved safety, boosted efficiency and kept consumers informed and protected through traceability and transparency. 

On 28 October 2021, Parla Deli, a small gourmet shop in Brazil, scanned the world’s first 2D barcode encoded with a GS1 Digital Link.

Parla Deli

This was no ordinary point of sale scan. The beep at the till that morning was the sound of the future – the world’s first-ever scan of a two-dimensional QR Code powered by GS1 Digital Link.

Until recently, Parla Deli had very few automated processes. Store employees managed orders and stock levels manually – a labour-intensive and inefficient method that was prone to human error. In fact, the shop would sometimes run out of items due to expiration dates arriving before the items could be sold.

Similarly, they would occasionally have shortages when some items sold better than expected due to a mismatch between production and actual sales averages.

Owner Marcelo Silva turned to GS1 Brazil for help in implementing a solution built upon 2D QR Codes encoded with GS1 Digital Link. Unlike legacy barcodes that primarily serve the needs of retailers, QR codes offer benefits for everyone, from manufacturers to retailers to logistics providers — and of course consumers.

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Discover how GS1 Digital Link helped Parla Deli deliver more efficient inventory and expiration date management along with an engaging new shopping experience for their customers.

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