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Little Bobby Jebb

Little Bobby Jebb

Bringing a brand to life with GS1 powered QR codes.

The first of its kind, Little Bobby Jebb's high protein, low carb, original Chicken Crackling and Crumb is made from the highest quality, UK reared Red Tractor Chicken.

With animal welfare and sustainability at the heart of his brand, founder Robert Jebb had always been passionate about food and seeing where it comes from.

Little Bobby Jebb

Robert wanted to ensure his customers had full access to the product information he often sought out himself, so approached GS1 UK and our partners at Buyerdock in search of a solution for providing it in new and engaging ways.

With a story to tell across a range of five products sold in 375g jars, 500g pouches or 40g bags, packaging space was at a premium. To ensure his consumers had the full picture, Robert positioned QR codes powered by GS1 digital link on the reverse side of each pack, along with clear messaging to encourage scanning.

This has allowed his customers to engage with the brand’s sustainability ethos, story, and get right under the skin of Chicken Crackling. These GS1 powered QR codes now give provide access to everything they would ever need to know, all from one simple source. 

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