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GTIN-8 (Global Trade Item Number–8)

For identifying very small items

GTIN-8's are available for items that are too small to carry the usual EAN-13 barcode image, such as cosmetics.

There is a limited amount of GTIN-8's available for allocation, so they must be requested from us in addition to your existing number range. Note that you must be a member to apply for a GTIN-8.

GTIN-8's are available as single numbers only. This means that if you have multiple products requiring a GTIN-8, you must apply for each of them individually. If you have variants of the same product, you can complete the variant application form instead.

Before applying, ensure that your product qualifies for a GTIN-8:

  • for boxes - the surface area of the largest side of the printed label should be less than 40cm²
  • for tubes/cylinders - the diameter should be less than 3cm

Please note: When applying, you must be able to provide product artwork that clearly displays the packaging measurements, the space reserved for the barcode and the diameter of the product (for tubes/cylinders). If any of the required info is not provided, your application will be rejected.

Click here to apply for a single GTIN-8

Click here to apply for GTIN-8 variants