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Guide to selling on marketplaces

Learn how you can grow your sales online via marketplaces

If you sell online will have of course come across one or more marketplaces. The largest marketplaces in the UK, by revenue and product range, are eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping. They all differ slightly in terms of which categories are available and the fees charged. All of the companies are multi-category retailers and have millions of registered customers. 

Depending on which products you would like to sell and your approach to selling costs, you may choose one, a combination or all of these platforms to trade on. 

Setting up an account on any marketplace is generally straightforward. In our guide to selling on marketplaces we provide an overview of how to get started with selling on the major marketplaces, including how to get your products set up and tips on maximising your sales.

You can download the full guide or just read one of the shorter best practice articles on specific areas of interest.

  1. The product creation process
  2. Creating listings
  3. Key performance metrics
  4. The buy box / buy button
  5. Promoting products
  6. Consumer contracts regulations
  7. Selling internationally

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