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GS1 standards help you deliver a seamless customer experience in today’s challenging retail environment

The retail landscape is always changing. Today, whether you’re a retailer or a brand, you’re faced with multiple challenges – the rapid growth in online and mobile shopping, ever greater competition, downward cost pressures, lower margins and customers who are less loyal than ever before.

To counter this, you need to create a seamless customer experience – in-store and online – to win the hearts and minds of your customers, and to drive sales. You must ensure your products are always available, across all channels. And you must provide consistent and accurate product data that your customers can find and trust.

By building on the globally accepted principles of unique identification and trusted data, GS1 standards provide the platform for retailers and brands to build harmonised processes and operations that enable your customer expectations to be exceeded.

Which is why we facilitate and enable collaboration between retailers and brands – so you can all benefit from GS1 standards that help deliver better choice, better service and a better experience for your customers, however they choose to shop.

How we support the retail industry

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