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GS1 General Specifications version 19 now available

Date: January 25, 2019

Category: Industry news

Find out the latest updates to GS1 standards – or just explore what they can do for you and your business

General specifications doc


The GS1 General Specifications is the core standards document of the GS1 System describing how GS1 barcodes and identification keys should be used. If you need to know the detailed specifications of GS1 standards then this is the document to read. For example, if you’re building applications that use GS1 standards you’ll need to know this level of detail.

The latest version (19) has just been released – you can download it here and view all the changes here.

But, of course, we recognise most people don’t want to wade through the 400+ pages of specifications! So, if you’re interested in what GS1 standards can do for you and your business take a look at our Discover GS1 standards area – full of simple guidelines, animations and apps.


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