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GS1 UK to showcase innovative new industry-led standards and solutions at leading online and digital summit

Date: September 29, 2017

Category: Industry news

Join GS1 UK’s Jim Dickson and Kim Ludlow at the IGD Online & Digital Summit 2017 where they will be presenting the latest on Digital DNA, Mobile Hero Ready Images and GS1 SmartSearch.

The two-day IGD Online & Digital Summit 2017 is taking place on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 October at the Lancaster Hotel, in the heart of London. It’s one of the leading events in the calendar, where delegates have the opportunity to discuss the latest online and digital issues, such as how to develop a successful online strategy with a retailer and how online and digital is developing across the globe.

High-profile speakers presenting alongside Jim and Kim include Rafael Orta, Tesco’s Online Partnerships Director, Coca-Cola’s Global Customer Director, Simon Miles, Nicola Heaslip, Head of Online Trading for Sainsbury’s and many more.

Jim Dickson, Head of Retail Grocery here at GS1 UK, and Kim Ludlow, our new Solutions Director, are hosting an interactive workshop on the second day, where they will present three new innovative industry-led standards and services including Digital DNA, Mobile Ready Hero Images and Smart Search.

Digital DNA - Transforming product data management for today’s grocery world

Digital DNA

Customers today have changed how and when they shop compared to ten years ago. But many suppliers and retailers are failing to keep up and are being hampered by poor product data, leading to financial loss and problems in the supply chain.

Digital DNA is a transformational programme, led by GS1 UK on behalf of the grocery industry, to implement a single product data catalogue for the grocery sector. With a launch date of April 2018, the Digital DNA programme will deliver a solution where suppliers will input data, using a single harmonised data model, and retailers will take out data – when it suits them and in a way that suits them.

Mobile Ready Hero Images

Mobile ready hero images

More and more people today are using mobile devices to find and compare products and then to do their shopping online. But the way products are displayed varies across different websites and companies and this can confuse customers, potentially resulting in lost business for brands and retailers.

Following initial research by Unilever and the University of Cambridge, GS1 is leading an industry initiative to produce guidelines on how to implement ‘Mobile Ready Hero Images’ across online retail channels, specifically on small-screened mobile devices.

The aim is for a consistent and global approach to the way retailers and brands display imagery, layout, iconography and symbols, helping consumers recognise and understand information about products with little or no reading of text.

GS1 SmartSearch - A new vocabulary for ecommerce

GS1 SmartSearch is the result of an industry programme to make it easier to discover and describe products on the web.

Essentially, SmartSearch is a new web vocabulary that makes it easier for shoppers to find, compare and buy products online, and enabling website owners to describe products in richer detail.

The IGD Online & Digital Summit 2017

Make sure you catch us at the summit – and if you haven’t already got a ticket, you can book online today.


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