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Watch Andy Beale from Tesco explain how GS1 standards ensure safety for Tesco - and their customers

Date: August 16, 2017

Category: Industry news

Andy Beale, Head of Product at Tesco, talks about how GS1 standards are playing a vital role in Tesco’s operations and how they also benefit the entire retail industry.

Tesco is a massive global organisation. With suppliers all over the world, their supply chain is hugely complex. So, for a company like Tesco, it’s essential to have a clear understanding on what their products are, where they are and how they’re being used. And ensuring the safety of their products is the most vital thing of all. Customers rely on accurate product information to make more informed purchasing decisions. And shoppers are increasingly concerned about safety – they want to know exactly what’s in their products and where they are from.

In this short video, Andy Beale explains how GS1 standards help Tesco achieve this – and how they will be playing an even bigger role in the near future.


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