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Scan4Safety makes the news

Date: December 29, 2016

Category: Industry news

As you know, the £12 million Department of Health 'Scan4Safety' project that was launched earlier this year is already enabling staff to quickly and easily track each patient through their hospital journey. 

In six pilots across the country, from the uniquely barcoded wristbands patients receive when they enter hospital, to the barcodes used to record their medication and the equipment used in their treatment, each code can be scanned to show exactly which member of staff administered each treatment at what time and where.

Today, the programme has been recognised by Sky News for the early results that suggest that 'Scan4Safety' has the potential to save lives and millions of pounds for the NHS. Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt has said:

"Scan4Safety is a world first in healthcare – and a vital part of this government's drive to make the NHS the safest and most transparent healthcare system in the world.

"Using simple barcodes that major industries rely on every day will help to transform standards of care – before, during and after patients have treatment, at the same time as freeing up resources for care by reducing waste."

This world-leading scheme is not only reducing unnecessary waste and effectively managing medical stocks, but is also saving valuable staff time and giving the patient more information about their treatment. GS1 UK are proud to be working with the Department of Health and Scan4Safety sites in ensuring the success of the programme. We thank all of you for your continued support of GS1 UK and the Scan4Safety programme this year.


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