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GS1 standards to save Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust over £1m in 2016/17

Date: December 06, 2016

Category: Industry news

Derby presented their latest results and estimated savings alongside Glen Hodgson, our Head of Healthcare, at this year’s Patient First event

Keith Jones, Clinical Director – Surgery, and Kevin Downs, Director of Finance and Performance, from Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust joined Glen at the recent Patient First event. Their presentation very much reminded us of why GS1 standards are being introduced in hospitals across England – if we can scan everything at point of use in retail, then why not in healthcare?

What that scanning does is bring traceability to everything that happens. For Derby that means patients and staff are scanned, scopes/instruments are tracked to patients and theatre and stock room consumption is monitored. It was also vital that they gained clinical engagement for the project. This was won by its ability to “address clinical variation with detailed and owned undisputed information” – clinicians can see how their procedures compare to others using data they trust.

This traceability has brought a number of quantifiable results so far:

  • Non-stock spend has reduced by at least 5-7% since go live
  • Culture change in terms of waste, opening and using only what’s needed
  • Auto-replenishment of stock means clinician time is diverted back to patient care
  • Reductions in the stock holding
  • Driving down delivery charges by grouping orders
  • Released stock storage space which can be relocated for other uses
  • Increased accuracy of OPCS codes due to data capture at point of care
  • Coding of all un-coded patients equal to an extra £850k for the Trust
  • Efficiency savings of £798,000 in 2015/16 and an estimated £1.18m in 2016/17

What’s next for Derby?

What started as a trial in theatres is now being rolled out to all wards and pharmacy, with RFID being introduced for patients, staff and assets. It’s a great story and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings.


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