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CSM Bakery

CSM Bakery Solutions

The story of CSM Bakery Solutions
and how GS1 standards keep their supply chain running.

At GS1 UK, our members see the benefits of working with us every day.

As Danny McCarthy, Integration Services Specialist at CSM Bakery puts it: “Without GS1 UK, our supply chain would simply fall apart.”

After starting out as a provider of ingredients, CSM Bakery has grown to become a worldwide leader in everything from ingredients to finished products. Today, the company operates manufacturing sites and distribution centres in Europe and North America.

And with that kind of global presence, keeping things running smoothly is absolutely essential. 

That’s why Danny works with GS1 UK. 

Using GS1 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards for ordering and invoicing means orders and payments are received quickly and accurately. Which makes CSM Bakery’s supply chain highly efficient and cost-effective. Along with GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) means CSM Bakery can enter their product data once, then share it with customers across the world.

Which makes global client communications as simple as clicking a mouse. 

Because by labelling each product and palette with one of GS1’s unique codes, CSM Bakery can automate their distribution process, with technology that sorts each product and pallet by date and destination. And that means huge cost savings and greater efficiency.

And a much easier life for Danny.

These are just a few of the advantages that GS1 UK members enjoy every single day. And they make all the difference to Danny and CSM Bakery. Because working with GS1 UK is about much more than barcodes. Our members see the hidden benefits in our processes, technology, standards and more. 

Or as we – and Danny – see them, the great things that lie between the lines. 

Read the interview in full (PDF) and see how other members benefit from GS1 standards.

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