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App launched to help brands comply with strict new packaging laws in France and Italy

  • New regulations in Italy and France require recycling information to be made accessible on all product packaging from 1 January 2023
  • Buyerdock has launched a web app – powered by GS1 standards – to help brands adapt, meet growing demand for sustainability information and connect with their consumers in new ways

London, UK – 1 December 2022 – A new web app has been launched to help brands adapt to new legislation and meet growing demand for sustainability information – by transforming the way they connect with their consumers.

UK tech company Buyerdock’s web app enables brands to create new messaging and marketing opportunities through GS1-powered 2D-QR codes printed on-pack. These next-generation barcodes offer a range of extensive features that help businesses meet a wide range of complex needs by instantly connecting consumers to dynamic, real-time content at the scan of a smartphone.

From 1 January 2023, new EU laws will require brands that export to France and Italy to provide recycling information on all consumer product labels. Failure to comply could result in fines of up to 10% of turnover or other severe penalties. These legislative changes are part of national efforts to reduce waste and improve sustainability.

To help meet this challenge, any brand hosting product information on the Buyerdock app will have the ability to update or publish new messaging without having to alter the packaging of their products. This will enable them to meet the consumer and business needs of today, and rapidly adapt to those of tomorrow, through one easy, flexible and cost-effective solution.

QR codes, powered by GS1 Digital Link, enable a wealth of opportunities for strengthening brand loyalty, ensuring compliance, reducing packaging costs and communicating important information in new and engaging ways.

Jonathan Sparkes, CEO of Buyerdock, said: “Buyerdock is transforming the way brands deliver information on packaging. The use of 2D-QR codes will future-proof brands against a tide of incoming regulation – and ensure brand owners do not suffer heavy penalties for flouting new laws around sustainability. Through the ability to provide more information, it will also help to make product data transparent, accessible, easily updated, and safer for consumers – and create incredible opportunities for brands to engage with customers.”

Brands that sign up to Buyerdock will be able to get 2D-QR codes for free. To unlock the full capabilities of the web app that ensures compliance with local regulations, there is a charge of £1 per SKU per month. Each 2D-QR code can store the recycling information required digitally via a web app, instead of on the product, helping to reduce clutter and free up valuable real estate on packaging.

Key benefits include:

  • Brands can quickly and easily comply with new laws and meet changing regulatory requirements across global markets – particularly recycling. 
  • Manufacturers have the ability to forge direct relationships with customers through an array of digitally-stored information, including recycling, sustainability, nutrition, promotions, social media, certifications and more. 
  • Cost-effective for companies of all sizes – each product barcode is free with access to the web app from £1 per month. 
  • Reduced packaging costs – information can be stored and delivered digitally, reducing packaging, costs and environmental impact. 
  • Simplicity and efficiency – one interface for all communication requirements in all markets, which helps to reduce brand overheads.
  • Easy access for customers via a QR code scan on a smartphone, with no app download or registration required (see attached images). 
  • Delivers trusted information, including allergens and nutrition, which helps to make products more accessible for consumers.

Sparkes added: “We’re thrilled to launch this product at a time when brands need to stay one step ahead of new regulations, and customers demand more information about what they are buying. Our initial testing has shown that the sustainability and allergens tabs are the most clicked, which reveals how important this information is to consumers. The web app will help to build trust and transparency in an industry that is changing fast.”

Building trust and transparency

Buyerdock is the first company in the UK to be GS1 UK-approved to deliver a GS1 Digital Link through a QR code. GS1 is the only authorised provider of unique Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) that are used to create barcodes, most commonly used at point of sale. These are required for selling in retail and are mandatory for Amazon, TikTok, Walmart and other major retailers.

Anne Godfrey, CEO of GS1 UK said: “Recent policy shifts, such as Natasha’s Law, High in Fat, Sugar and Salt (HFSS) Legislation, and the continued push towards Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), have highlighted the growing demand for accurate product information, especially on the topics of sustainability, safety and nutrition. Providing access to such information is no longer a differentiator, it is rapidly becoming an essential part of any brand strategy, so we are excited to be working with Buyerdock on the launch of a solution that offers so many opportunities for keeping consumers informed and protected.

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About Buyerdock

Buyerdock is a UK tech firm, creating global digital solutions for trade. Its database-driven online solution connects manufacturers and consumers by enabling brands to present wide-ranging information about their products.

Buyerdock, powered by GS1 2D-QR codes, ensures compliance with new regulations and helps deliver future-proofed packaging for brands. Buyerdock is an official UK partner of global barcodes authority GS1, enabling it to provide brand owners with downloadable 2D-QR codes. These 2D-QR codes can be printed on product packaging to meet retailers’ in-store requirements and enhance the consumer product experience.

By scanning the 2D-QR code with a smartphone, consumers can get instant access to detailed product content via a web app, with no download or registration required.

About GS1 UK

Whether online, in store or in a hospital, the common language of GS1 global standards is helping our community of more than 58,000 organisations across the UK to uniquely identify, describe and track anything, creating greater trust in data for everyone.

From product barcodes to patient wristbands, GS1 standards have been transforming the way we work and live for nearly 50 years.

GS1 UK is one of 116 neutral and independent GS1 organisations operating worldwide.