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GS1 UK work in collaboration with Pulse Law to help SME members protect their brands

GS1 UK has joined forces with expert trade mark law firm, Pulse Law, to help UK SMEs protect their brand, products and IP.

London, 2 August 2022 – With SMEs accounting for over 80 per cent of GS1 UK’s 58,000 membership, the not-for profit membership organisation will collaborate with Pulse Law’s team of experts to make legal advice more accessible and more affordable.

Legal problems represent a significant challenge for many UK SMEs. 32 per cent encountered at least one legal issue between September 2020 and September 2021, and 28 per cent lost income as a result. Despite accounting for 99 per cent of the UK’s business population and 61 per cent of employment, many rarely have the resources to deal with legal issues in-house.

This is especially true for emerging brands looking to sell their products through online marketplaces, where trade marking and brand registration still represents one of the most common barriers to entry.

To combat this, GS1 UK and Pulse Law will be launching a new initiative to provide expert advice to all who need it. Through a programme of interactive Q&As, live roundtable events and online content, the two organisations will work hand in hand to share valuable insights and offer legal support.

Pulse Law is also offering a free consultation and review to all GS1 UK members. They provide a range of products and services starting from just £99 and all visitors to their website can take advantage of their free trademark search tool to check if their brand name is available. To find out how you can receive expert trade marking, brand registration and IP advice, contact

Sarah Atkins, CMO and membership director at GS1 UK, said: “A thriving SME community is vital, not only for the UK economy but also for society as a whole. A high proportion of our membership frequently reports that trade marking and brand registration present major challenges that can hinder their ambitions for growth."

“By partnering with the expert team at Pulse Law, we will be able to provide our members with much needed legal support and advice, enabling many to protect their brands, keep trading and, more importantly, keep growing.”

Adel Sheikh, Director at Pulse Law, said: “Owning and protecting your brand is one of the most important things an SME can do, especially when it comprises 70-80 per cent of your business’s value. Traditionally, legal services are expensive and confusing, but Pulse is on a mission to democratise the law and make it accessible and affordable to all.”

“We’re excited to now bring our range of trade marking services to GS1 UK and we look forward to working with their members to help them protect, build and grow their businesses.”


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