Promoting your OnBuy products

OnBuy has created a number of tools and features designed to give you plenty of ways to promote your product listings.

Selling online is always a competitive game, although with OnBuy, you can rest assured that you’re at least never in competition against the marketplace itself. OnBuy doesn’t sell any products itself, and never will.

OnBuy is committed to championing success for its sellers, so the marketplace’s efforts are geared towards helping you drive more sales. 

Step 1: Use Boost to give your products the edge

OnBuy’s "Boost" tool lets you invest in extra on-site exposure and additional marketing for your listings. The risk-free ad service gives you complete control over how proactively you want to market your listings, and how much you want to spend. 

Simply set a Boost rate for your chosen listings and OnBuy will do the rest – it’s that simple. Boost uses a tiered system: the higher your chosen Boost tier, the higher the fee you’ll pay – and the more marketing you’ll get. 

However, that extra commission is only paid if your product sells through Boost – there’s no upfront cost. It also means this is risk-free marketing, completely tailored to your business, without leaving you out of pocket to get it going.

At the lower tiers of Boost marketing, OnBuy will promote your product listings more proactively across the marketplace, including placement at the top of category pages and search results on the website.

At higher tiers of Boost, OnBuy will promote your listings aggressively across the site, but also beyond it, driving more traffic to your products. The positions on the page that you earn on OnBuy remain yours even if you deactivate Boost later down the line, too.

Boost is completely in your control, never locking you into contracts, and can be switched on and off at any time. In one action, you can boost a listing, several listings, all of your items in a given category or brand name, or even everything in your entire inventory.

Step 2: Set your sale price strategy

OnBuy runs sitewide promotions during key events, such as Black Friday, to drive even more sales for you – at no extra cost. OnBuy reduces sales fees to make these industry-leading Price Crash events happen, rather than expecting you to cover the cost. OnBuy is the only online marketplace that approaches its sales events in this way.

However, sellers on OnBuy also have the power to create sales and discounts of their own, using the "Sale Price" tool in the OnBuy Seller Control Panel. This means you can create your own sales to mark calendar events of your choice or simply draw more attention to your products.

OnBuy’s Sale Price tool is just as versatile as Boost. That means sellers are able to easily mark one product, several products, everything in a category, everything under a brand name, or their entire inventory as discounted.

Sellers can set the duration of the sale too, from flash discounts through to longstanding sales that last for several weeks, months or even an entire season.

Because of how sales work, sellers’ discounts function in complete harmony with any sitewide OnBuy Price Crash events that might happen at certain times of the year. That means a Price Crash never overrides your Sale Price decisions – instead, the discounts combine, creating plenty of appeal for your buyers.

Step 3: Make the most of customer reviews

OnBuy is a marketplace that champions transparency, fairness and ethical e-commerce from top to bottom. That means buyers can share their thoughts on the products they’ve bought from you, and review their experience with you as a seller.

Positive reviews aren’t only feedback for a job well done, but also a powerful promotional tool, giving clear visibility on OnBuy that lets buyers know you provide top service.

We proactively encourage every buyer to review both the items that they purchase and the sellers they order from on our marketplace, and over time you can build a strong portfolio of positive reviews that converts more customers.

Step 4: Promote your brand identity

OnBuy offers the chance for sellers to create a distinct brand identity. Because OnBuy puts its seller community at the heart of its growth, you have every opportunity to stand apart.

Buyers are interested in knowing where their products come from, and communicating your status as an independent business that’s selling via OnBuy is one way of fostering customer loyalty and support.

However, you can take decisive action in enhancing how clearly you communicate with consumers, too. Consider creating a blog or email newsletter that discusses and links back to your top products, helping customers to make fast and informed decisions that connect directly to your OnBuy listings.

OnBuy’s Product Wizard supports embedded videos too, which makes for a fantastic way of showcasing products and how to use them. Deep, rich content like this helps customers feel more confident when making their purchases.