Celebrating International Nurses Day 2021

GS1 UK celebrates International Nurses Day 2021 on what would have been Florence Nightingale's 201st birthday.


At one point or another in our lifetime, around the world, most of us have been treated or cared for by a dedicated nurse somewhere along the line. In some cases, the impact of that care has led later generations to follow suit – inspiring others to join the profession themselves.

It is one reason why this year’s theme for International Nurses Day, “A Voice to Lead – A vision for future healthcare”, could not be any more impactful. As today marks Florence Nightingale’s 201st birthday, that voice to lead remains as strong today as ever. 

Amid the challenges these past months have presented, nurses have continued to drive transformation and innovation, leading the way under unpredictable circumstances. Many swiftly took on new roles, learned new skills and volunteered extra time to continue to deliver the best possible care.

It is always great to see the profession being recognised and celebrated – even more so today. 

Thank you and happy International Nurses Day from GS1 UK! 


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