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Brakes leading industry through adoption of GDSN

The Food Information to Consumers (FIC) legislation takes effect from December – making efficient data management more important than ever before.

GDSN is an industry-wide platform for secure synchronisation of accurate data between trading partners.

What this means

Brakes are leading the industry by now requiring supplier brand owners to populate the GS1 UK datapool – TrueSource – with product information. This encompasses hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products and will enable Brakes to ensure that data accuracy is verified and maintained.

Using GDSN has efficiency benefits for the whole foodservice industry - each brand owner only needs to enter their product data once, then foodservice operators and distributors can access it through any GDSN-enabled datapool they have signed up to.

“The GS1 system underpins our customer goal: to provide the right product, in the right place with the right information.” (John Purkins, Information Quality Manager, Brakes)

Support for your business

GS1 UK has a team of experts to help guide your business through every stage of the GDSN process. You can contact the GS1 UK on-boarding team on 0808 178 8794 / contact@gs1uk.org.


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