Are you ready for 13 December 2014?

Consumer behaviour is constantly changing.

Demand for more visible data, such as nutritional information and product specifications, is set to increase dramatically, driven by regulations, consumer expectations, and the growth of omnichannel shopping.

Adopting GS1 standards establishes a solid foundation for collaborative commerce and enables businesses to share data that is accurate, complete and compliant with new and emerging regulations – including the Food Information to Consumers regulation (FIC 1169).

Listen to key industry businesses such as Nestle and Mondelez to understand the role GS1 plays in bringing data into the digital world. The video addresses the following areas:

  • The challenges organisations are facing today in managing product data
  • How FIC 1169 will improve the consumer experience
  • The journey that will bring the product data into the digital world
  • How GS1 helps in setting the rules of the data dialogue



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