Applications for UK StartUp Awards 2024 now open

Is your business worthy of being crowned as one the UK’s best and brightest startups? Enter the UK StartUp Awards 2024 before 26 February to find out.

Applications for UK StartUp Awards 2024 now open

From the visionaries behind The Great British Entrepreneur Awards and the Fast Growth 50 Index, the UK StartUp Awards celebrate the achievements of all those amazing individuals who spotted an opportunity, took a risk, and turned an innovative idea into a successful business. 

Proudly sponsored by GS1 UK, it features an extensive array of awards spanning thirty-five categories. 

From Creative StartUp of the Year and Technology and Services StartUp of the Year to Global StartUp of the Year and Innovative StartUp of the Year, the awards welcome businesses offering products and services across a wide range of industries. 

Category winners will be selected for ten regions across the UK and, for the very first time, will be brought together for the inaugural National UK StartUp Awards in Birmingham at the end of June. There, the best new businesses in the UK will be crowned in their respective categories as well as the coveted UK StartUp of the year award.

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The benefits of awards for small businesses

For startups, winning awards can offer a number of substantial benefits, serving as a powerful tool for gaining visibility, credibility, and a competitive edge in the market. 

In recognising your businesses efforts and achievements, the external validation awards provide can enhance your credibility and appeal in the eyes of customers, retailers, partners and investors.

They can lead to excellent marketing and PR opportunities. Showcasing an award can be incredibly powerful for attracting new customers and potentially even drive media interest in your brand and products. 

Awards give you a competitive advantage over your competitors, setting your products apart with a key differentiator that gives potential customers a clear reason to try your products over others. 

This can be especially helpful for brand building as awards contribute to your overall image, establishing the positive associations with quality that enable you to build trust with your consumers. Such associations can also contribute to customer loyalty as consumers take pride in being associated with an award-winning brand or product. 

When it comes to brand building, incorporating award wins can go along way. Working them into the design of your packaging, proudly displaying them on your website and social media channels, or using them to drum up additional publicity will help to get your products into the hands of first-time buyers.

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Boosting your business

Award wins don’t just appeal to consumers, they can also help you get noticed by investors. Serving as a clear signal that your brand and products have been independently acknowledged as excellent by industry experts, they can make your business a more attractive investment opportunity.

Building a business can be hard. Winning awards can also boost your morale and motivation. If you have employees, having their hard work and dedication recognised can give them great sense of pride in their contributions to the business.

Even if you do not win, simply entering awards can give your business a boost. The process of applying typically involves self-assessment and evaluation. This can generate valuable insights, help you identify areas for improvement and set higher standards.

Additionally, award competitions usually come with a range of fantastic networking opportunities, helping you build relationships with industry peers, forge new partnerships and identify new opportunities for collaboration. This is certainly true of the UK StartUp wards, which provide exclusive access to a range of partners, sponsors, community perks, events, and a community of business support that has been specifically designed to help startups thrive.

How to enter the UK StartUp Awards

Whether you're a trailblazer in tech, a pioneer in retail, or an innovator in services, the UK StartUp Awards want to celebrate your passion and drive. The awards are open to any business in their first three years of trading that have made a difference in their industry through innovate strategies, products or services, regardless of size turnover or levels of investment. 

To enter, simply fill in an online, AI assisted questionnaire at:

UK Startup Awards

The application process includes selection of yes/no and multiple-choice questions covering your demographics, entrepreneurial insights, previous businesses, finance and business make-up, as well as some in-depth questions where you can go into more about your business. 

After you have submitted your application, you will receive a bespoke handbook of events, community offers, advice and resources that is completely tailor-made based on your responses to the application.


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