Deposit return schemes: how will your business be affected?

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Discarded empty plastic bottles

The UK government are looking at deposit return schemes (DRS) as a solution to the devastating environmental impact of waste, harmful emissions, and littering. DRS is designed to encourage recycling by charging consumers a deposit on drinks containers such as bottles and cans. This is then refunded when the items are returned to a collection point to be recycled.

With DRS set to be implemented across the UK by 2025, we are actively working with key stakeholders across industry and government to support the development and roll out of a DRS system that works for all. ​

To help us better understand how this could impact your business and develop solutions to help you adapt, we have created a short survey consisting of eight simple questions.

We’re looking for feedback by Friday 29 July – if you can spare the time and complete survey, we would be extremely grateful.

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