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Oaklands farm eggs

Oaklands farm eggs

"GS1 global standards help us keep our eggs in check."

At GS1 UK, our members see the benefits of working with us every day.

As Elwyn Griffiths, Technical and Financial Director at Oaklands Farm puts it: “GS1 standards give our customers so much confidence.”

Oaklands Farm is a family business – one that also happens to be the UK’s largest provider of eggs. They’re considered industry leaders in animal welfare – as well as the standards they apply.  

And it’s their dedication to standards that means Oaklands Farm works with GS1 UK.

Elwyn himself puts it best: “Quality assurance has never been more important in the food services industry.

When Elwyn’s customers look at Oaklands Farm’s boxes, they’ll find GS1’s unique numbers and barcodes. That uniqueness means that they can check their delivery quickly and easily. It also means that each egg can be handled appropriately, based on whether it’s caged or free range.

But when they look closer at each egg, they’ll find a unique DEFRA number. This shows how, when and where each egg was produced. And when that DEFRA number is used alongside GS1’s numbers, something remarkable happens. 

It means that if something does go wrong – at any point – each egg can be tracked back through the supply chain. From the customer’s plate, right back to the hen that laid it. 

And that means Oaklands Farm’s customers have confidence at every step of the supply chain.

To Elwyn, it’s a priceless benefit. But it’s something that GS1 UK members enjoy every single day. In fact, it’s just one of many amazing things that lie between the lines.

Read the interview in full (PDF) and see how other members benefit from GS1 standards.

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