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Mammy Jamia's

Mammy Jamia's

"It’s so much more than just barcodes."

At GS1 UK, our members see the benefits of working with us every single day.

As Andrew Cairns, CEO of Mammy Jamia’s, says "It’s so much more than just barcodes."

Mammy Jamia’s creates premium fruit preserves, based on a family recipe. They’ve enjoyed international success, but their journey started at a humble market stall in Cheshire.

When Andrew sold 600 jars of Mammy Jamia’s in just a few days, he saw a real opportunity.

But his prospective retail buyers all said the same thing: while there’s a demand for great quality, British-made products, the small businesses making them rarely plan for scalability. 

That’s when Andrew contacted GS1 UK.

We guided Andrew through everything from obtaining correctly sized labels, to generating those all-important 13 and 14-digit codes.

Which meant that when Andrew sold his delicious preserves in to Waitrose and Tesco, they were completely retail ready.

And when demand for Mammy Jamia’s started to grow in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Malaysia, we were there to help him, too.

"For me, it’s about the global standards that GS1 UK applies to their barcodes," says Andrew, when discussing his international success.

Because GS1 standards are recognised worldwide, Andrew doesn’t have to change the barcodes or numbers on his inner or outer packaging. And because his codes are guaranteed to be unique, every single pot of Mammy Jamia’s travels smoothly throughout the global supply chain.

As Andrew puts it, "It’s those extra services, help and support that really make a difference."

Or as we see them, the great things that our members find between the lines.

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