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Membership benefits

GS1’s unique identifying numbers and barcodes are the most widely used in the world – by over two million members in 150 countries

As a GS1 UK member you’ll have access to telephone support, online services and, if you need it, training and even professional consultancy services. And because we’re a not-for-profit organisation, we work with our members to develop our standards – so they keep pace with the changing business and regulatory landscape.

GS1 UK membership benefits

We can help get your products to market faster and trade more effectively by providing you with:

  • A minimum of 100 barcode numbers
  • An online database to manage them
  • Free telephone and online support to help you trade
  • Access to our barcode image generation tool with three free images 
  • The ability to create other essential identification numbers – for cases, pallets, locations and more
  • Exclusive access to our community partners
  • Access to the GS1 Learning Zone our interactive online resource centre, to help you understand how to get the most from your GS1 membership

Backed by over 40 years of experience

You can trust GS1 UK to deliver real value. We work across countries and industries to make it easy for you to trade – online or in-store. And we work with leading organisations in retail, foodservice and healthcare to ensure supply chains work smoothly and efficiently.

As a member of GS1 UK, you’ll learn about all the latest industry developments and have opportunities to improve your business – through networking and knowledge-sharing with industry experts.

Membership fees

Turnover  Annual licence fee  Allocation
up to £0.50m £100 Up to 100 numbers
up to £0.50m £119 Up to 1,000 numbers
£0.5m to £1m £131 Up to 1,000 numbers
£1m to £10m £203 Up to 1,000 numbers
£10m to £50m £318 Up to 10,000 numbers
£50m to £100m £1,333 Up to 10,000 numbers
£100m to £250m £1,743 Up to 10,000 numbers
£250m to £500m £2,400 Up to 100,000 numbers
£500m to £1bn £2,900 Up to 100,000 numbers
Over £1bn £3,450 Up to 100,000 numbers

All prices exclude VAT

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