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Technical groups

Ensuring our standards meet the needs of UK industry

Our technical groups bring together experts from many companies, from retailers, hospitals and foodservice operators and their suppliers, to service providers and their customers. Their aim is to ensure our standards meet the needs of UK industry, by representing our members' interests in our Global Standards Management Process (GSMP).

Each group has a clearly defined scope and agreed objectives – working for the benefit of the whole industry.

Key aims include:

  • Reviewing new or proposed global standards and developing the UK response
  • Developing support materials to help our standards gain industry-wide adoption

Our technical groups currently cover the following areas:

How to join a group

As a GS1 UK member you’re eligible to join our technical groups. You need a good understanding of the processes related to our standards, and of course a keen interest in developing standards for industry-wide benefit. Contact John Papadopoulos for information about ESIG or Peta Ding for information about BSIG.