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GDSN Standards

This section of the Knowledge Centre gives you the opportunity to view the GS1 GDSN standards and provides assistance in their implementation.

GDSN Major Release

GDSN Major Release Information
Details on Major Release tools and activity 

GDSN Standards

GDSN XML Business Message Standards 2.x
Access to all GDSN XML Business Message Standards

GDSN XML Business Message Standards 3.x (Updated)
Access to all GDSN XML Business Message Standards

GDSN Extended Attributes
BMS and BRAD for Use of Attribute Value Pairs to Transmit Non-Standard Attributes in GDSN

Data Management of Extended Attributes Process Manual
Details current processes and practices for establishing and managing various types of attributes used for Global Data Synchronization (GDS) within the GDSN

Align Variable Measure Trade Item (issue 2)
BMS for the Align Variable Measure Trade Item

Align/GDSN/Synchronisation of Future Version Information
BMS for the Align/GDSN/Synchronisation of Future Version Information

Product Image Specification (issue 2.5)
Establishes rules for the storage of digital images associated to products

GDSN Package Measurement Rules 1.13.2
Rules for the global definition of nominal measurement attributes of product packaging

GDSN Package Measurement Rules (PMR) Video (English)
This video explains how to measure a produce the right way using GS1 standards.

Mapping between GDSN Catalogue Item Synchronisation XML message and EANCOM equivalents

GDSN Validation Rules

Distributed Global Validation Rules are required to support the Global Data Synchronisation process
GDSN Validation Rules (MR5, Version 2.8) dtd Jul 2013 
GDSN Validation Rules (MR4, Version 2.7)

GDSN Implementation Guides and Best Practices

GDSN for the FDA Global Unique Device Identifier Database (GUDID) Implementation Guide Release 1.2 Issue 1
This document provides complete guidance on how to use the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to securely provide data to a Unique Device Identification (UDI) database with focus on the U.S. FDA Global Unique Device Identifier Database (GUDID) requirements since this is the only regulator to issue a UDI rule for medical devices as of this writing. As other regulators introduce UDI regulation this document will be updated as needed. 

GDSN Price Synchronisation Implementation Guide (issue 2.7)
Supplements the formal GDSN Price Synchronisation standard with advice on its implementation and operation.

GDSN Trade Item Implementation Guide (issue 21)
Supplements the formal GDSN Trade Item standard with advice on its implementation and operation.

GDSN Product Hierarchy Common Values Spreadsheet (issue1)
This spreadsheet shows a detailed list of Trade Item attributes and their product hierarchy. It is to be used in conjunction with the Relevant Product Hierarchy Levels & Common Values section of the GDSN Trade Item Implementation Guide.

GDSN Package Measurement Rules Implementation Guide (issue 5)
A recommended set of best practices and guidelines to aid the user in implementing the GDSN Package Measurement Rules.

Catalogue Item Synchronisation Implementation Guide - BMS 9.03 to EANCOM 2002 Mapping (issue 6)
Maps all messages related to the choreography that can be handled by final users while exchanging product information with the data-pools.

Fruit and Vegetable Master Data Attribute Implementation Guide
This document provides support for companies seeking to electronically exchange fruit and vegetable product information in accordance with GS1 standards.

GS1 Fruit and Vegetable GTIN Assignment Implementation Guideline
This Guide is for the fruit and vegetable industry, providing guidance on how to assign a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and when to assign a new GTIN.

GS1 Fisheries & Aquaculture Master Data Attribute Implementation Guideline
This Guide covers fisheries and aquaculture and provides best practice guidelines for industry-wide adoption for new item listing.

GDSN Operations Manual

GDSN Operations Manual 2.8
Guide for those implementing the GDSN and the Global Registry

GDSN Roadmaps

GDSN Roadmap version 7.2 (Current Version)
GDSN Roadmap Version 6.2 
GDSN Roadmap Version 6.1 
GDSN Roadmap Version 6.0

Data Quality Framework (DQF)

Data Quality Framework
A comprehensive best practice guide for the improvement of data quality

Extended Attributes

GDSN Extended Attributes

Fast Track Attributes

Approved Attributes 
Approved New Lines Form Attributes
Rejected Attributes 

Global Product Classification (GPC)

Global Product Classification (GPC)
Part of the GS1 System and a key enabler for the Global Data Synchonistation Network (GDSN) and category management.

GDSN Business Bulletins

View Business Bulletins

Local Code Lists

Local Code Lists

Find out more about GDSN by visiting the GDSN website.