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eCom Message Transport Protocols

EDIINT AS1 and AS2 Transport Communication Guidelines
This document defines the technical communication protocols used to transport traditional EDI and XML data from one computer application to another. It is a set of rules how the EDIINT-AS1and EDIINT-AS2 standards should be implemented by the GS1 users.

AS2 Disaster Recovery Implementation Guide
The purpose of this Guideline is to provide information about Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) as it relates to Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) an industry standard for Internet-based data exchange.

GS1 Newcomers to AS2 Implementation Guide
The guide assisting GS1 community members who are new to AS2 to successfully implement it within their enterprise network.

AS4 - A new tools for the B2B toolbox
The new AS4 B2B protocol covers all the functionality offered by AS2, but also provides better support for SMEs and is based on modern Web Services technology.