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EANCOM Standards

GS1 EANCOM® Edition 2012
Full specification of the GS1 EANCOM messages together with the implementation notes.

GS1 EANCOM standards overview
Overview of messages contained in GS1 EANCOM.

Digital Signatures for EANCOM messages
The objective of the document is to describe the EANCOM application functionalities to secure - digital signature - electronic transactions based on EDIFACT messages. The scope of EDI security in this document covers the flow of information between leaving the message sender’s secure EDI gateway, and its arrival at the trading partner’s secure EDI gateway.

GS1 EDI Recommendation for Transmission of EPC’s SSCC & SGTIN Coding Schemes
This EDI application recommendation describes the parts of the Despatch Advice (DESADV) used to transmit the EPC coding schemes SSCC and SGTIN.

EANCOM - XML mapping of Trade Item Synchronisation messages
The objective of this document is to map into EANCOM® 2002 all messages related to the choreography that can be handled by Final users while exchanging data with the data-pools, regardless of being a Data Source or a Data Recipient.

Catalogue Item Synchronisation BMS to EANCOM Mapping

EANCOM Implementation Guidelines

Reusable Transport Items (RTI) within GS1 EANCOM (Implementation Guideline)
The purpose of this document is to give (globally valid) recommendations on the eCom messages, which can be used for Reusable Transport Item (RTI) management.