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Global Service Relation Number (GSRN)

The Global Service Relation Number can be used by services organisations to identify their relationships with individual service providers (such as doctors who work for a hospital) and individual service clients (such as the metering points of an electricity company, or the loyalty account members of a retailer.).

More about GSRN

  • Service providers and service clients can be individuals or businesses. The GSRN can identify either a recipient or a provider of the organisation’s services, and often both of these roles need to be captured or recorded simultaneously. Therefore, the GS1 System allows users to distinguish between the two roles.
  • If there is a need to further identify service encounters of a particular service recipient or provider, the Service Relation Instance Number (SRIN) may be added to the GSRN; for example, to identify the phase of a medical treatment for a patient.
  • The GSRN only identifies a business or individual in the context of the service relation, and in this way limits privacy concerns.
  • The GSRN can be encoded in a barcode or EPC/RFID tag; for example, in a badge or wristband or on a metering point.
  • The GSRN can be electronically used as a “key” in service registers, dossiers, medical files, invoices, and others.



Standards library

Standards library

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