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Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI)

The Global Individual Asset Identifier is one of the two GS1 Keys for asset identification.

Companies can apply a GIAI on any asset to uniquely identify and manage that asset. This could be a computer, desk, vehicle, piece of transport equipment, or spare part, as just a few examples.

  • Companies assigning the GIAI can be either the asset owner or a leasing or rental company.
  • The GIAI can be encoded in a barcode or EPC/RFID tag connected to the asset. Companies can quickly identify the individual asset, and register relevant data such as its location as well as repair and maintenance activities.
  • Applied electronically, the GIAI enables a company to record individual assets in asset management and accounting systems across company boundaries.



You will find relevant application standards and guidelines listed below:

Transport & Logistics

Standards library

Standards library

Need to know about the technical details behind the standards? The GS1 standards library gives you access to all our documentation