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Global Coupon Number (GCN)

The Global Coupon Number enables companies to identify digital coupons – a ticket, document or electronic presentation that can be exchanged for a financial discount or for loyalty points when making a purchase.

More about GCN

  • The GCN provides companies with an identifier that can be used to retrieve information held in a database associated with the coupon; for example, used to check the validity of the coupon offer, retrieve the conditions related to the coupon offer, and in some cases, to confirm that the coupon has not been used.
  • The GCN may be presented as a barcode to enable automated processing at the Point-ofSale (POS). The GCN can also be presented in digital form. At the POS, the coupon offer can be accessed via a consumer loyalty account, or be presented on a mobile phone as a barcode or via near-field communication (NFC). GCNs can also be used to process coupons in web shops.
  • The GCN always identifies the specific coupon offer. If there is a need to identify the individually issued coupons for the offer (the instances), an optional serial component can be used.
  • Many companies may be involved in managing a coupon offer; for example, a manufacturer, retailer, clearing house, and mobile application provider. The GCN enables them to share information electronically, ensuring all parties have timely and accurate information on coupon offer conditions, coupon publication, redemption of coupons, and the financial settlement between companies.



Standards library

Standards library

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