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How to convert TRADACOMS orders and invoices to EANCOM

When moving from the TRADACOMS order and invoice messages to EANCOM, the main elements available in TRADACOMS are also defined in EANCOM. In fact, there is more information you can include in the EANCOM version, for example, ranges of dates, times for deliveries, currencies, more extensive code lists.

EANCOM is also regularly updated to include the latest business and legal requirements – unlike TRADACOMS which hasn’t been updated since the 1990s.

We’ve created two documents that show the format of the TRADACOMS order and invoice messages and how they are reflected in their EANCOM versions. Further detailed guidance on the EANCOM order message is available in the ESIG order best practice guideline. Development of a guideline on the use of the EANCOM invoice message is underway and will be published here shortly.

The full details of the EANCOM order and invoice messages can be found in the EANCOM manual.

Guide to converting TRADACOMS order messages to EANCOM

Guide to converting TRADACOMS invoice messages to EANCOM