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How to guides

Ever wondered how to make sure your barcodes print perfectly? How to create coupons using GS1 barcodes? Or when to allocate a new GTIN to a product?

We’ve created a series of guides to help you. Take a look at the guides below and if you’re still unsure or you’ve got a question that isn’t covered here, don’t forget you can always contact us directly.

How to guide - Barcode image quality

Improve barcode image quality

Improve the quality of barcode images on your packaging and products - both consumer level and traded level.

How to guide - Logistics

Create a barcode for your cases

You have a few options when choosing the barcodes for your cases. It is important you choose the right one.

How to guide - Coupons

Barcode money-off coupons

Make sure coupons can be scanned and accepted at the point of sale - avoiding inconvenience at the till

How to guide - Variable barcodes

Barcode variable measure items

Products that don’t have a fixed price need a different barcode

How to guide - Check Digit

Calculate your check digit

The all-important check digit ensures our numbers are correct

How to guide - Create and use GLNs

Create and use GLNs

Uniquely identify all your locations using GLNs (Global Location Numbers)

Barcoding Getting it Right

Barcoding: Getting it right

Ever wondered what the ideal barcode looks like? Look no further

EDI for new users

EDI guidance for new users

New to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)? Confused? Read our guide and it will all make sense

How to guide - Logistics

GS1 Logistics Label and SSCCs

Create and apply industry standard logistics labels

GTIN Management standard

GTIN allocation rules – for retail

Knowing when to use a new GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) on a product is important



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