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GS1 barcodes: At the heart of patient care

It’s now mandatory for all patient wristbands to include a GS1 barcode in NHS England

GS1 barcodes help to streamline the whole patient treatment procedure – and, most importantly, improves patient safety.

One of the biggest challenges for healthcare professionals is managing patient data efficiently enough to enable timely treatment, while eliminating errors and improving patient safety.

With a GS1 barcode on a patient’s wristband, you can quickly scan and identify a patient – gaining instant access to their treatment data. It means you make sure the right patients are getting the right treatment at the right time. 

GS1 barcodes on patient wristbands can:

  • Quickly and accurately identify patients
  • Reduce the possibility of human error
  • Improve patient safety all round 

Need help adhering to the new patient wristband standards?

Since 1 October 2013, the Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care has made it mandatory for all patient wristbands to contain a GS1 barcode in the NHS England.

Read the guidelines here

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If you need help adhering to these standards, please get in touch for expert support and advice.