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Managing returnable gas cylinders

How GS1 standards ensure the management of returnable gas cylinders

Gas cylinder movements within a hospital are usually managed with paper-based systems, which are time consuming and difficult to operate.

Medical gases are typically the financial responsibility of the pharmacy department, although delivery and collection of gas cylinders within the hospital is carried out by hospital porters following requests from clinical staff. 

Pharmacy departments often feel they have insufficient control over the use of gas cylinders and this leads to too much stock being held, or sometimes even too little. 

GS1 standards and barcodes provide the management information and process controls to manage gas cylinders more effectively, leading to:

  • Lower costs 
  • Reduction in cylinder rental charges or fines from suppliers
  • Reduction in inventory levels for gas cylinders
  • Improved service 
  • Accurate, automated invoice reconciliation
  • Better allocation of costs to specific departments

Read our guidelines document (PDF) and learn how GS1 standards are used to ensure the management of returnable gas cylinders.

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How we can help

For help and guidance on how to manage your returnable gas cylinders more effectively please get in touch with our GS1 experts or learn from the resources here.