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Managing pathology

Use GS1 standards to make critical pathology operations run effectively and efficiently

Pathology is a critical service within the NHS. Around 95% of clinical pathways rely on patients having access to efficient, timely and cost effective pathology services. Pathology impacts all patients from before they are born to after they die.

And the demand on pathology is accelerating due to an ageing population, the shift towards personalised medicine and advances in genomics and metabolomics that is increasing the demand on pathology for predictive and preventative investigations.

GS1 standards and barcodes can be used to identify all elements of the pathology process:

  • Sample carrier
  • Physical locations
  • Staff 
  • Patients

This enables automated capture of data, through barcodes and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, which leads to many benefits:

  • Multi-disciplinary teams having timely information and specialist advice to enable better  treatment planning
  • Better workflows between wards and labs to help improve turnaround times and improve patient care
  • Better identification and management of samples to enhance patient convenience and safety and reduce the cost impact of re-testing

Read our guidelines document (PDF) and learn how GS1 standards should be used to ensure pathology operations are run in the most effective and efficient way, ensuring value for money and delivering the best possible service for the patient.

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How we can help

For help and guidance on how to ensure your critical pathology operations run more effectively please get in touch with our GS1 experts or learn from the resources here.