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Control stocks with GS1 standards

A poorly managed inventory system can lead to over- and under-ordering. And even put patients in danger. GS1 standards help you manage your stock – efficiently and easily

Holding too much stock creates waste and requires expensive storage space. But an inventory system of small, frequent orders is also highly inefficient – using up valuable admin time and meaning economies of scale can be missed. In terms of patient safety, it can also increase out-of-stocks and the potential for cancelled procedures.

Building your inventory management system on GS1 standards enables total stock visibility and precise ordering. And it reduces wastage, out-of-stock situations and improves savings and patient safety too.

GS1 standards can:

  • Minimise inventory held  
  • Sharpen demand forecasting 
  • Reduce staff costs for inventory management 
  • Improve recall efficiency and effectiveness 

Read our guidelines document and understand how an inventory management system built on GS1 standards will deliver efficiency and cost savings.

How we can help

Our team of GS1 experts can help you implement GS1 standards and adhere to NHS mandates. Please get in touch to learn how we can help, or see GS1 standards in action by reading our case studies.