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Identifying babies from birth

A lifetime of care starts with a GS1 number

HealthcareIdentifying babies from birth is vital for delivering the best possible care – removing the risk of human error in the delicate first few hours and days.

There was a time when new-borns had to wait up to six weeks before receiving an NHS number. This created the challenge of having to manually confirm a baby’s identity for every medical treatment – then matching each baby to its test results. All increasing the potential for human error.

The NHS Numbers for Babies (NN4B) scheme now means that babies get their NHS numbers from birth. GS1 barcodes are used on blood spot cards to allow quick scanning and accurate identification of a baby. And this removes the risk of human error and improves healthcare – from day one. 

GS1 standards:

  • Improve patient safety  
  • Instantly match test results 
  • Enable detailed care quality monitoring  
  • Facilitate neonatal research 

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How we can help

Our team of GS1 experts can help you implement GS1 standards and adhere to NHS mandates. Please get in touch or learn more with our resources.