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5: Managing your product information

GTINs identify your products, but do not carry any information within them. Information about a product is retrieved from a database, using the GTIN as a reference key.

Your various trading partners may require different product information, but examples may include description, weight, height, volume or ingredient of your product.

Your trading partners will often ask you to submit a New Lines Form to them for each product you wish to sell. This will list the information they require about your product, but may also ask about case or pallet details.

This means that you will need to find an effective way of managing and sharing your product information, to ensure you are complying with your trading partner and any additional regulatory requirements, such as Food Information for Consumers (FIC) EU 1169/2011.

Why is managing product information important?

Sharing bad quality product information can cause problems for your trading partners and end consumers, damage your brand or add additional cost to your business.

With the introduction of EU 1169/2011 it is even more important than ever to manage your data properly and ensure your product information is accurate, up-to-date and complies with the latest industry and legal standards.

There are different way of managing the information you hold on your products, from integrated software through to spreadsheets and internal documents. But finding a way to manage this information efficiently is crucial for you to be able to trade effectively.

How can I store my product information?

As a member of GS1 UK you can sign up to our product information management solution; TrueSource.

This online service enables you to do away with multiple spreadsheets and other paper-based methods to store all your product information and key attributes in one place.

TrueSource enables you to:

  • Enter basic information that describes your key product features
  • Be ready to complete requests for New Lines Form product information to avoid fines
  • Ensure complete information about the products you sell is available in one secure place
  • Upload and download your product data in one go with the TrueSource XLS spreadsheet templates
  • Safely share product data using the PDF download function

Read more information on TrueSource.