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Changes to My Numberbank

Updated 13/06/2017

You may have noticed we’ve made some changes to My Numberbank recently. We’ve added some additional fields that are required when creating a new GTIN. You may have also noticed a new status indicator. This measures the completeness of your GTIN record. In order to get a green status, you will need to fill out all the fields associated with the GTIN.

Why have we made these changes to My Numberbank

The changes to My Numberbank have been made to improve the quality of data associated with each GTIN. A GS1 GTIN is used as a globally accepted unique identifier for your products – and links to trusted sources of product information by local and global markets. A GTIN protects your brand and supports a consistent and accurate product experience, online and in-store.

Data quality is fundamental to the GS1 GTIN, especially so as it has become pivotal for more accurate and relevant product searches, and even more so with the introduction of new screen-less shopping devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

What are the data fields and what do they mean?

Product name
The name of your product should immediately let the customer know exactly what the product is.

Example: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 335ml, Coca-Cola Cherry 335ml, Early Learning Centre Cupcake Blue Stroller, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star M5039 Low-Top Sneakers in White UK Adult size 5.5.

This measures the completeness of your GTIN record – a green status indicates the requirements have been met to activate the product online and guarantee its uniqueness. Ideally ensure all attributes are completed and up to date to increase online visibility.

Create a barcode image for your product.

Create and manage GTIN-14 numbers which are used for the outer packaging of your products.

Main brand
The brand name of the product that appears on the consumer package. This can be the same as the name of the manufacturer, but it in some cases might vary.

Examples: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Unilever, Nestlé.

Sub brand
The secondary level of brand naming which includes umbrella brands (e.g. a brand used in addition to the brand name for a collection of products) or sub-brands (e.g. a line of brand-specific products).

Examples: Coca-Cola Classic, “Coca-Cola” is the brand and “Classic” is the sub-brand.
Pepsi Max, “Pepsi” is the brand and “Max” is the sub-brand.

Product description
The description is intended for consumers. Include only relevant information related to your product, such as size (H x W x D dimensions, as well as size guide information i.e. size UK 12), material, age range, special characteristics or other technical characteristics (consumption, materials, precautions, standards, labels, etc.). Also, include details about most of the product's visual attributes, such as shape, pattern, texture, and design. This is not a marketing message so be honest and factual.

Example: First Brut Rosé is grown at Kent Heathland Estate from three classic Champagne grape varieties - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. This wine has a youthful aperitif style with crisp, mouth-watering acidity, elegant and precise with lemon citrus notes on the palate continuing to a long complex finish. SIZE: 75cl CLOSURE: Screw cap REGION: Kent VINTAGE: 20XX GRAPES: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier AROMA: Redcurrant & white pepper. TASTE: Citrus notes. FINISH: Dry ABV: 12%.

Product link
Enter a link to your product online.

For example a page on your website, a listing on an online marketplace, an image, YouTube video or Facebook page.

The Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) is the number assigned to the product by the manufacturer.

The Stock Keeping Unit or SKU is a code that links the product to internal product data systems.

What if you don’t have all the information required

We are aware that there will be instances when you create a new GTIN and you may not have all the information required. If this is the case please use N/A to complete the field. You can always go back to the GTIN record later and complete the missing fields when you have the information.

Can I use the old .csv template I use to bulk update my numbers?

No. Please download a new template from My Numberbank. You can do this by downloading all of your current numbers from Numberbank.

What is My Numberbank

My Numberbank is the official GS1 UK GTIN database which enables you to assign GTINs and product data in one place. My Numberbank also allows you to create and manage other GS1 numbers, like GLNs and GTIN-14s. And you can also create barcodes for your products and packaging.

The benefits of using My Numberbank

  • Find and allocate your product identifier to each of your products
    • Ensures you stay within your GS1 UK Company Prefix capacity
    • Shows you how many GTINs you have assigned and how many you have left
  • A single secure place - capture data against each product identifier in a single place
    • Work more efficiently knowing your product data is automatically organised
    • Avoid creating and using multiple spreadsheets to manage your product information
    • Backs up your product data in a secure, password-protected online
  • Real-time access - access your product identifiers and data anytime, anywhere
    • Allows you to quickly upload and download data in .csv format which you can share with trading partners and online platforms
  • Avoid mistakes - maintain the data integrity of your product identifiers and products online and offline
    • Easily create, manage, and share GTINs and barcodes. My Numberbank automatically incorporates your GS1 Company Prefix and calculates the entire GTIN for you
    • Be confident that GTINs and barcodes you create are properly formatted and follow GS1 standards
    • Protect your brand - provide brand control through your online product data