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How to… Barcode money-off coupons

How to money off couponsMany retailers and manufacturers use money-off coupons in magazines or sent direct to customers.

We are also seeing more coupons being distributed digitally then printed and presented as paper coupons at the till.

GS1 has developed a separate Digital Coupon Management Standard aimed at digital coupons distributed on smart phones and tablets.


It is best practice to let your trading partners know when you’re issuing money-off coupons before they are circulated. The following structure for money-off coupons ensures that the coupons can be scanned and accepted at the point of sale – avoiding inconvenience at the till.

These coupons can be captured automatically and the retailer can also distinguish between promotions funded by them or a manufacturer.

Creating coupon barcodes

Points to remember:

  • coupon barcodes are 13 digits long to match the standard global barcode length
  • as the money-off amount is contained in the barcode, they can’t be used for % off promotions
  • there are three different coupon barcode formats around the world: UK specific promotions, Eurozone promotions, and promotions in other countries

How to barcode money-off coupons (PDF)

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