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Product identification and when to change barcode numbers


For over 40 years, businesses worldwide have used GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) to identify almost all every product sold by retailers around the world. Over time, GS1 worked with industry to develop a set of allocation rules which helped brand owners decide when new GTINs should be applied to product variants.

This training will offer clear guidance on how your business should identify your products in the first instance, and when and why your GTINs might need to change

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to understand how to correctly identify an item with GS1 numbers, no matter what industry you work in.

It’s particularly useful for those working in marketing, brand managers, artwork, buyers, pack/label design and technical.

What you will learn
  • How to identify different products and packaging levels
  • The importance of when and why numbers need to change
  • Guiding principles around product changes
  • Specific scenarios which require new numbers
  • How to recognise and avoid common mistakes
  • Workshop: we’ll help you work through identification processes for your business
Pricing and how to book this course

Duration: 4 hours 
Member price (up to 8 people): £1,100 plus VAT 
Member price (9+ people): £1,500 plus VAT 
Non-member price: £2,000 plus VAT 

Email or call us on 0808 178 8799 to discuss your requirements in more detail or to arrange delivery of this course onsite.