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GS1 adoption for NHS suppliers


The NHS eProcurement strategy was published by the Department of Health in May 2014 and compliance with the strategy by NHS Trusts was mandated as a requirement of the NHS Standard Contract. Additionally, the NHS Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and the Provision of Services have been amended to include a requirement on suppliers to place master product and price data in a GS1 GDSN certified datapool.

With the demonstrator sites already embarking on GS1 adoption programmes, and updated timescales for adoption published by the Department of Health, NHS suppliers have a key role to play in ensuring Trusts meet their GS1 implementation goals.

Find out from the experts at GS1 UK what you need to do to get started and how we can support you to make your business GS1 compliant.

Who should attend

The course is suitable for any NHS supplier looking to get a good understanding of how to move forward their business forward with GS1 adoption. It's also suitable for suppliers to other markets, as other global regulations are covered.

Typical attendees include the following job functions:

  • Regulatory
  • Pack/label design
  • Commercial
  • Marketing
  • Quality assurance
  • Warehouse/distribution
What you will learn
  • How GS1 standards are improving healthcare supply chains
  • What suppliers need to do to meet global regulations for pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • The next steps for GS1 implementation
Course outline
  • How GS1 standards can be used to meet global regulations such as the FMD and UDI
  • Allocating GS1 location identifiers (GLNs) for your company
  • Allocating GS1 product identifiers (GTINs) to your products
  • Understand how to encode production data, such as lot and serial numbers
  • Printing GS1 compliant barcodes on your products
Pricing and how to book this course

Duration: 4 hours
Member price (up to 8 people): £1,100 plus VAT 
Member price (9+ people): £1,500 plus VAT 
Non-member price: £2,000 plus VAT 

Email or call us on 0808 178 8799 to discuss your requirements in more detail or to arrange delivery of this course onsite.

This course can also be delivered virtually. Contact us to find out more.