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Barcoding - Getting it right


“... 31% of barcodes submitted by our suppliers on new lines into our business fail on first validation. This leads to delays or the risk of the product being dropped from the range” 
Diane Mellowship, Tesco Barcode Compliance Manager

This popular course has helped hundreds of GS1 UK members, large and small, implement our standards correctly to meet the requirements of their customers. Using real industry scenarios and case studies, this practical and informal session is essential for quick and easy barcode implementation. Book this course today to ensure your barcodes don't result in lost sales, relabelling costs and returned goods.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for anyone who requires a basic to intermediate understanding of how to correctly identify and barcode any item, at any point in the supply chain, no matter what industry you work in. It's also useful if you're a supplier or manufacturer and you are experiencing barcode issues with your customers or you don't understand their requirements.

What will you learn
  • How to identify different products and packaging levels
  • The importance of when and why numbers need to change
  • How to use different barcodes for a variety of business processes
  • Understand your customers’ requirements
  • How to recognise and avoid common mistakes
  • Getting the most out of your barcode implementation
Course outline
  • Overview of the GS1 System
  • GS1 identification numbers
  • Encoding extra information such as batch numbers and dates
  • The GS1 barcode symbols and their uses
  • Barcode size, placement, colour and quality
  • Interactive workshop and barcode checking service
Pricing and how to book this course

Duration: 4 hours 
Member price (up to 8 people): £1,100 plus VAT 
Member price (9+ people): £1,500 plus VAT 
Non-member price: £2,000 plus VAT 

Email or call us on 0808 178 8799 to discuss your requirements in more detail or to arrange delivery of this course onsite.