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What productDNA:hub means for shoppers

The UK retail industry’s single source of trusted data

ProductDNA@Hub Consumers

Today, shoppers search and find products online, and then use whichever channel is quickest and easiest to buy from. So it’s essential they’re able to find accurate and consistent information they need about every product they’re looking for across every channel – and to be able to trust it.

With productDNA:hub shoppers will be able to:

  • Tailor their searches based on their specific needs and feel confident in the results they see
  • View complete and comprehensive information and content about all products, across all channels
  • Compare products and easily see alternatives
  • Make informed decisions based on their preferences, including health and wellbeing, lifestyle and sustainability

Ultimately productDNA:hub will enable retailer, brands and suppliers to deliver what’s most important to them, a better shopping experience that will drive customer loyalty and increased sales.

Shoppers today are hungry for information about the products they are buying. They’re not only looking at nutritional values, they also want to know where their products are coming from and whether there are any allergens present that they need to be careful of.

“productDNA:hub will benefit the entire grocery industry when it comes to managing data and will also allow them to deliver on their promise to their customers, while enabling them to turn their attention to other important areas of innovation.”

Gary Lynch, Chief Executive, GS1 UK

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