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What productDNA:hub means for retailers

The UK retail industry’s single source of trusted data

Product DNA Retailers

The problem of inaccurate, inconsistent and untrusted product data

For many years retailers have used proprietary or third-party solutions for managing data. This has meant brands and suppliers have worked with different formats and systems.

The result has been multiple versions of product data throughout the industry, none of it fully accurate, consistent and trusted. So every retailer has put in additional data checks throughout their operations – wasting time and money.

This has gone on for far too long. But by working together, the industry has finally solved the problem, with productDNA:hub.

When adopted universally across the industry, productDNA:hub will give retailers increased confidence in the product data they receive, as well as helping to reduce the amount of inaccurate data and increasing the efficiency of our product data processing.”

George Wright, Commercial Director, Fresh Food at Tesco

productDNA:hub is the solution

productDNA:hub enables brands and suppliers to enter their product data once into a single industry-owned and governed catalogue. The data is independently verified to ensure its quality and accuracy. Retailers then access this data, in any way they want. 

There’s no more duplicated effort. And the resources previously wasted on managing product data are now free to work on what really matters – innovation and improving the shopping experience.

  • Easy access to accurate, trusted and independently verified product data
  • A better shopping experience through every channel, in-store and online
  • Supply chain efficiencies and more sales – saving over £200 million a year in unnecessary costs and lost sales across the industry
  • No more unnecessary workarounds so retailers focus on what really matters: providing a better shopping experience through innovation

Retailers and suppliers spend too much time on chasing, checking and rekeying product data. productDNA:hub delivers a single product data catalogue that we will all own and trust. It will mean we can focus on what’s really important to our businesses, delivering innovation and improving the customer experience.”

Mark Watson, Director of Planning & Supply Chain at Ocado

What ProductDNA:Hub means for brands and suppliers

What productDNA:hub means for brands and suppliers

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What productDNA:hub means for shoppers

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