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What productDNA:hub means for brands and suppliers

The UK retail industry’s single source of trusted data

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The problem of sharing product data and images with multiple retailers

Brands and suppliers supply product data and images to retailers in multiple formats using multiple processes. This means duplicated effort and resources, wasting time and money. Third-party content providers help but only provide part of the solution.

And because the product data and images are owned by these providers, brands and suppliers are commercially constrained.

productDNA:hub is the solution

productDNA:hub solves this problem by providing a single catalogue of high quality, independently verified product data and images. Every product is defined using a single set of data attributes, all built on GS1 global standards – so there’s just one way to describe a product.

Brands and suppliers enter data into productDNA:hub directly or using third-party content providers, whichever way they prefer. The data is independently verified to ensure its quality and accuracy. And the brand owner decides which retailers access the data, based on their commercial agreements.

And because the brand owns the data, they’re not commercially constrained by third-party content providers.

  • A single way to share product data and images with retailers
  • Brands and suppliers choose how they input their product data
  • Supply chain efficiencies and more sales – saving over £200 million a year in unnecessary costs and lost sales across the industry
  • No more unnecessary workarounds so brands and suppliers focus on what really matters: providing a better shopping experience through product development and innovation

productDNA:hub makes it easier to provide customers with accurate and consistent product information. This is especially important at a time when two million people in the UK have a food allergy and one in four shoppers use nutrition labels to make purchasing decisions. It’s essential the information they see is accurate and consistent, wherever and whenever they choose to shop.”

Marcus Dunsmore, Vice President Integrated Supply Chain at Mondelēz International

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